Ticket Office Training

Open and honest with our customers, clients, and ourselves

  • Say what you will do, and then do it
  • Do more than expected-put work responsibilities first
  • Treat all customers fairly and equally
  • Treat all personal information in a confidential manner

Women's Soccer: Fri. 9/29 vs San Diego at 7pm. Women's Volleyball: Tue. 9/26 vs Pepperdine at 7pm

Fine Arts:Classical Greek Theatre Festival:Ion Mon. 9/25 at 5pm; BYU Instrumental Showcase Tue. 9/26 at 7:30pm; BYU Jazz Showcase Wed. 9/27 at 7:30pm; Roomful of Teeth Thurs. 9/28 at 7:30pm



Basketball Mini Packs: There will be 4 mini-packs offered this year. They are outlined on They will go on sale on Sept 28th. If someone asks about them you can send them to the beautiful chart that Tracy made. The individual game on sale dates are also listed under the basketball box.

Fresno AWAY: Do assign these now.

UNLV AWAY: Do assign these now.

Boise--$70 in economy endzone and $60 for 10 or more purchased.

Basketball has been printed: No changes to orders. Everything is a CRM with B17 Change and then what that change might be. Address, exchange, etc. Don't void, just add tickets we are exchanging. Lareen will gather these changes and when it is time to send out the orders, we will pull any order with B17 change in the subject line.

Mill on the Floss: There is an added a matinee performance for Mill on the Floss on November 18 at 2:00 pm. It will be on sale Oct 2 with the other performances or as part of the ArtsPass.

Y Tix: We will be selling "rush tickets" to students for every BRAVO! performance. Click on the link for information:

Women's Basketball Season: Women's basketball season tickets are now on sale! We no longer send out paper renewal forms for any of our sports- all communication will be via email. Anyone who bought season tickets last year will get an email inviting them to purchase now. They are encouraged to buy online but may call as well. DO NOT ASSIGN SEATS. Seats will be assigned by CC priority at a later date. All fees are included for season tickets so there is no order or delivery charge.

Exchanges from a FB season: Return the game that is being exchanged. Sell the new ticket with an R price type. Use FP1 to bring the balance back to zero. Ask a manager if you need further help. We don't charge for disability exchanges (within reason) but we do charge is they just want more tickets or a better location. Sometimes the difference can be very large.

Spectacular Side View: We have opened up seats (just 4 on each row) that are being sold as a side view for $33. They are online.

Rocky Mtn Band Day: Tuesday Oct 10th. Tickets can now be sold. There is a $1 ticket fee online but MD and PAH are free online and phone. $5 public, $20 family (limit 8) $4 each for groups of 20 or more.

Arts Pass, Student Music Pass, FYE(First Year Expericience): These are 3 different things. Please read the blog, event details, details on BYU Arts to know the difference. We need to convey to our customers the correct information. Just realize that freshman coming straight from orientation are hearing about an arts pass; but probably they are being told about the FYE card which they will need to pick up from their mentors. Encourage the Student Music Pass which is only good for School Of Music performances.

Music Pass Pick up or Purchase and Pick up: Please write PU in the special handling. Just like ROC cards.

Ticket reprints: We will still have customers that want reprints. They will be $4 per ticket or $10 per ticket for the whole season. At the windows on game day, we will help the customer in the quickest way possible. We may not have time to explain reissue, so we would just reprint and charge them. If someone requests reprints by phone, it must be the ticket holder and they must be the ones that come and pick them up. You must do the reprint yourself or send a CRM to a supervisor. If it is time sensitive, also let them know that you sent it to them and see if they will do it for you.

USU & Miss State & ECU& Fresno Away games: Please do assign these now. Choose from open seats. Limit 12 now. We have plenty.

BYU Student Music Pass: The School of Music will be selling a Student Music Pass for the upcoming season. The pass is a card that the students can purchase that will allow them one or two tickets for most School of Music sponsored performances. The prices and exclusions are as follows:

BYU Student Music Pass
$25 – valid for one ticket to any SOM musical performance during the 2017-18 season*
$35 – valid for two tickets to any SOM musical performance during the 2017-18 season*

*Valid for any ticketed musical performance presented by the BYU School of Music during the 2017-18 season (Sept. 26, 2017-June 14, 2018) excluding Celebration of Christmas and Broadway Revue. Fall opera: valid for final dress rehearsals only. Spring opera: valid Wednesday/Thursday evening only. Young Ambassadors: excludes Friday evening performance. Does not include musical theatre productions (Into the Woods).

The cards are in the HFAC Ticket Office and will go on sale Monday, August 14.

Donation requests: There is a page that addresses this issue. It is at and then under the BYU Athletics tab, listed under other there is "requests". If you can guide a customer here it lists the types of organizations that can request, then it has a form to fill out and then gives the email for questions.

Basketball season on sale- Basketball season tickets are on sale!. We do not have a full schedule yet. The item code is BS under the season B17. There is a $20 handling fee.

BYU Arts Season Brochure- The 2017-18 season brochure is now online here: There is also a link from the home page menu on

Comps for Spectacular-only the v holds for comps, ask a supervisor if you cannot see the v's. Use HS mark code.

Transferring Calls: While on an active call, using Mxie, dial the number you would like to transfer the call to (or drag the number from your buddies list). Announce the call, then right click on one of the calls. Use the Transfer to option to transfer the call. Using the physical phone: You hit the transfer button, dial the extension you want to tranfer to and announce the call then select transfer again. See a supervisor if you have questions.




Football Away: Whether to Assign Detail (including limits)

Wheelchair Seating: Do not tell people to call back the week of the game to see if we have wheelchair. The few that we have will go for season ticket holders that need them. We just don't have them for sale game by game. We did sell a few early on, but we will not have any more. This is true for Football and Basketball.

Tailgating and RV Parking: The designated lot is now located directly south of the BYU OIT building and east of Baskin Robbins, 55 E 1230 N (Bulldog Ave). Check out LES Parking guidelines.

Football ROC Line Rules: Please refer individuals to @BYUROC twitter account for information rather than trying to explain.

Log in to UPS See UPS Tracking under Training.

Stadium Seats:


Parking Passes: If someone did not get their parking pass, or they ordered late but should have had one, they should call or email Cougar Club. 801-422-2583 or

CHECKING COUGAR CLUB MEMBERSHIP: When you have a customer pulled up on CRM or Pac7 DO NOT USE the Membership box to determine CC level--this is not accurate. There has been some discrepancies in this box due to the way Cougar Club has been doing their reporting and so we cannot use it to determine what level they are. The correct way to check for club membership status is to go to the "Donor Profile" tab and look under the "Donor Summary" box. This will show the last donation- this must be within the current year. Next, check to see that their customer Type is a Cougar Club. We should always be checking in those two places and make sure that you see a donation amount that is within the current year.


Theatre Season: See to go directly to the BYU Theatre season page on Season tickets now on sale for renewals as well as new orders. There are five required shows in a theatre season package. Use the package item to sell season tickets.

Family Concert Series: Family Concert Series events are FREE.

Fine Arts Exchange: If you're trying to do an exchange in a Theatre Season and the total comes out incorrectly then you can use the item FAP to fix the price. Change the FAP price to even out the balance due. Many people find it easier to do a return out of the season and then add a new line for the new item. For the new item, choose the price type that most closely matches the price of the return and then use FAP to make the balance due $0.

TMA Complimentary ticket update: Complimentary tickets for TMA Faculty will be allowed for the full run of the show. The TMA majors and people involved in the production will be able to attend any performance during the run except for the final Friday and Saturday. TMA majors with a card will be able to purchase tickets at $2.00 except for the the final Friday and Saturday. The price for the TMA card for the final Friday and Saurday shows would be half off of the public price.

Fine Arts Season 2017-18: Select to see events. Season mailings are $10:

Fine Arts Attendance and Exchange Policies: Please take time to review these policies listed on We should all be more consistent with our fine arts patrons. Season theatre patrons and comp tickets would not require the exchange fee which is $1.00 per ticket.

Age limits: The age limit for events held in the HFAC is the youngest age that a person will be admitted. (As opposed to Marriott Center and Stadium seating, we generally list the ticketed age without restricting admission.) Please be familiar with the age of admittance for HFAC events. Check the arts website, event details or Event Summary.

Discounts: On applicable events, BYU alumni may receive a limit of two tickets at the Alumni rate. See Training, Faculty-Staff/Student Discounts (Arts Events)

Calls for Jeff Martin: If an individual wants to talk to Jeff Martin, we can transfer the call to the Fine Arts ticket office and they will assist or take a message for Jeff. We want to avoid giving out his direct line since he is so busy.

Studio C: Ticketing for Studio C recordings is done through BYUtv.  They take ticket requests at "" Show dates will appear on the calendar as they become available.  Because there is a high demand for Studio C tickets, they are distributed via a lottery. UPDATE: No tickets are being distributed for 2017.

School Matinees: School matinee performances are to be ordered through JoNell (except Evening of Dance call x6757) at 801-422-5632 or email For a list of these performances, click here. School teachers representing the school or home school directors may call. Groups enter by pass list, not tickets.

Theatre discussions: Post-performance discussions with the cast and audience generally take place in the same venue soon after the Thursday evening performances for about 15 minutes. Accordingly, there will be two discussions for each production. Check the website to confirm specific discussions.

Fine Arts Charitable Donations: Inquiries about fine art ticket donations for charitable purposes may be submitted to Jeff Martin on organizational letterhead by mail or email. There's never any guarantee but sometimes he can help.

Arts brochure/email request list: If someone wants a brochure, get one for them and had write their address on it and put it in the mail. It might be a good idea to tape the pages shut with two pieces of tape. Note: We also need to put a white sticky label over the "Nonprofit Organization US Postage PAID" label on the back, which is not applicable to our individual mailings. If individuals want to continue to be on the arts brochure mailing list in future years, please create a CRM to JoNell including the customer's name and address.

Fine Arts Processing: Click here to read more on general season/package processing.

Event Summary: Read more. Timeline below is subject to change.

Fine Arts - season/package processing          
Package Renewal New Orders Sale Date Online Requirements Benefits

Theatre season

Beginning May 22 Beginning late May May 22 5 required shows: See theatre Season discount on TMA events.
Option to buy Bravo! early with no discount unless 6+ Bravo! shows are purchased as package.
Qualifies for artsPass benefits in July.
BRAVO! season Beginning May 15 Beginning May 22 May 15 Buy 6 Bravo! events. Read more. Season discount on all Bravo! events.
Qualifies for artsPass benefits in July.
artsPass Beginning July 10 Beginning July 10 July 10 5 different events required. No discount (unless purchased as season above) but option to prebuy all events.
Groups    groups 15+   July   Group of 10+ at same performance.
See group holds.
Groups of 10+ may prebuy. Discount on select events. See groups 15+
School groups    school groups 15+   May   Groups of school age youth. Contact x5632 or except Evening of Dance call x6757. Performances exclusively for school age youth. See school groups 15+

Cosmo Kid's Club: For information on joining and benefits, refer individuals to their website so they get their information direct from the

Other ticketed events on campus: Check out for other events being ticketed by other sources on campus.


Troubleshooting Pac7: Spectra would like to get more information on system functions when Pac 7 becomes slow and non-functional. Please complete the linked survey when we experience Pac7 system problems.

Mxie phones: Login is now by station rather than individual. See Office Phones for your login.

CRM: Create a CRM of anything that is out of the ordinary, i.e. returns, exchanges, reprints, merges,customer problems, etc. You no longer have to record every transaction that you take from a customer.

Employee policies: The ticket office employee policy handout has been updated. Regarding social media posts, you are absolutely more than welcome to post pictures on your social media of our parties or other fun things in the office, sharing a link to a fine arts performance etc. However, please DO NOT post anything online that indicates that you are giving information for the ticket office, such as replying to a thread with an answer or argument. Alot of items we discuss in the office are confidential and should be never shared online. We also find out about things before the general public knows, and we do not want to share this information online. Please use good judgement.

Item Sales: One of the functionality issues with Item SaIes is that after 20 minutes of "inactivity" an order will time out. We recently had a clerk actively working on a large order which timed out by the time payment was to be submitted. Order Management does not have time limits.

Blocked emails: Individuals may add the following to their contacts/address book to help prevent emails from being blocked or diverted to junk/spam:

PAH or MD emails: or

Lost and Found @ MC: Anything left at the MC will be held at the Special Events Office for a couple of days. If someone is looking for something, have them check with Michelle before going to campus lost and found. She keeps more valuable items in a safe area but things like coats and bags are kept in some overhead bins back by Dani and Kay's office.

Parking: When we have a big event at the MC, everyone, including students that are working, may park in the stalls with cones or the red signs that say event staff. For some events you will also need to pick up a pass. You will now need a Lot 7 pass for the MC when working football.

Donations: Click here for instructions on how to take quick Cougar Club donations in T-Res. Important: Designate the paymode type V=Visa, M=Mastercard, A=American Express, D=Discover. Use "donation" batch number on phone 6 or window 7. Change the customer type to CC unless they are BYU employees/retirees. Make sure account contact information is updated.

T-Res: Please remember to log in everyday to t-res. Don't forget your password because you will need to use t-res every once in a while.

Gift Card: When placing orders, please don't write anything in special handling until the card is issued. At that point, we write the gift card number under special.

Tracking UPS Orders. Go to login: byutickets password: BYUrocks9- Click on Tracking- Click on Quantum View Manage- Click on Third Party. Here you can search for any order that has been shipped by typing in their name. If needed, you may also redirect to a new address, if it has not yet been delivered. Ask for help.

Season discounts: Those who ARE NOT eligible to receive a discount on season orders include: Church employees, ex-courtesy card holders, and MTC employees. Adjunct faculty who are verified in the system are eligible for a season discount.